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24 Hour Party People: Best Clubs in Buenos Aires

Alex Nichol

By | February 20, 2016 | 1 comment

Best buenos aires clubs

Where to go out in Buenos Aires, which are the best clubs and what the top parties in the city are. Updated August 2017

Buenos Aires is famous for many things, hence its global attraction for millions of tourists each year. Whether it be gastronomical, the arts or that age old religion, football there is something here for all tastes. Different people will argue different sides to the question what truly makes this city so unique? Now, whilst portenos and tourists alike will never agree on an answer to such a philosophical question, one thing everyone can agree on is that BA is home to the 24 hour party people. With everything ranging from the blues to hip hip to reggae and then back to some classic funk and soul, the city’s seemingly endless myriad of boliches (clubs) has it all. There are places for all styles, from the fashion conscious to the dive like underground scene, these venues also vary in prices as widely as the selection of musical tastes.

Two general rules of thumb, firstly do your research before in order to avoid tickets running out or full prices and secondly, don’t bother turning up before 1 AM, you will be dancing alone. It would of course be impossible to list all the fantastic opportunities that Buenos Aires nightlife has on offer, so instead we have here given you our top electronic music venues (House, Dub Step, Techno, Reggaeton all included). Enjoy.

Buenos Aires best clubs


Club Crobar

For those looking for a break from the standard club scene and omnipresent reggaeton then perhaps a trip to the widely acclaimed Crobar is in order. Set beneath a rail bridge in the city’s Palermo district, the club is more akin to a venue from Berlin than Latin America. Once down the rabbit hole and past the security one will find themselves confronted with the expansive warehouse like interior. With an impressive sound system, light selection and alcove like bars packed with late night revellers you can enjoy some of South America and the world’s most astute techno DJ’s. An absolute must for any fan of the genre. Expect big names and equally large entrance costs.

Visit for more info on line ups, tickets and reservations. Don’t be put off by the potentially lengthy queues, they move rather quickly. Entrance fees vary, depending on the artist playing. Can range anywhere between 150-500 pesos (Feb 2016, 15 pesos to 1 USD). Check the website before hand to avoid scary fiscal surprises.


Best Buenos Aires Clubs


Club Kika

If what you seek is your traditional alcohol fuelled club night, packed with locals, expats and students than you can shake a stick at, then Kika could be just for you. Situated right in the heart of Palermo this much loved boliche will provide you with a wide variety of House, Dub Step, Reggaeton and Hip Hop tunes as well as a smattering of all the classics. Best of all, it’s open almost every night of the week, that’s right you can rub sweaty shoulders with university students and locals Tuesday right through to Sunday.

Tuesday’s Hype night seems to be the venue’s most popular event. But be warned it can get crowded. As ever don’t even consider coming before 1 AM and remember to bring plenty of cash, whilst the entrance fee is not huge (around 150 pesos and guest lists can change things), a further 100 pesos won’t get you far at the bar (Prices relative to Feb 2016, 15 pesos to 1 USD). For guest lists, timings and VIP tables head over to: or Tuesday’s Hype website


best buenos aires clubs


Niceto Club (Club 69)

Undoubtedly one of the city’s most eclectic night clubs. The venue attends to a wide range of musical tastes, ranging from Indie Rock to House and Techno. Head down to Niceto on a Thursday night to experience the infamous Club 69. Strippers, transvestites, live DJs and a decent helping of cabaret all help contribute to a rather unique and debauched evening, which will keep you go right into the early hours of the morning. With a whole host of talented local DJ’s playing in a venue which won’t break the bank account. A must see for all those wishing to truly sample Buenos Aires’ diverse night life.

The affair kicks off at midnight and there’s an AR$100 cover charge (Feb 2016, about $5 USD). Girls go free from midnight to 2 a.m. when signing up for the guest list. Visit the website for more information on guest lists, timings, events and nights on other days of the week. Thursday is just the night we personally recommend, but perhaps transvestite Egyptian strippers aren’t your thing check out their other nights.

DISCLAIMER: If the author could only take you out for one night and one night only, it would be here. You really do have to go.


Best buenos aires clubs

Sun rise


Update: Pacha in Buenos Aires is now closed, for what appears to be, permanently. Following the Time Warp incidents many super clubs have now been shut down in response to the deaths.

The name alone should be a sufficient description of what this club entails. Pacha is part of the global Ibiza style franchise that stretches across 16 countries. Huge sound systems, mesmerising lights, glamorous bars and a phenomenal outdoor deck area that overlooks the water all to compliment the vast array of global DJ names that play at the club. The vast selection of international talent includes: Fat Boy Slim, Marco Carola, Dubfire, Popof, Henry Saiz, Jamie Jones, Dj Chuckie, Hernan Cattaneo, Deep Mariano, 16 Bit Lolitas and many others. No one is going to accuse Pacha of being cheap so ensure you pack plenty of pesos to ensure your night is worth the hype. Booking tickets and tables in advance is another way to avoid long queues of eager revellers and the disappointment of not getting in due to artist popularity.

Pacha opens on Friday, Saturday and public holidays. The website is currently under renovation but you can visit the Facebook page for further information or call this number 47884288. Like for the majority of clubs here don’t bother turning up before 1AM but of course check set times to ensure you see the whole set of whatever talent is playing.


Best Buenos Aires clubs


Club Amerika

This gay friendly club has gathered a reputation as one of BA’s most notorious weekend spots. The music ranges from aggressive Berlin style techno to classic old school tunes. Drinks are cheap and the music will keep you moving well into the early morning hours. One google reviewer wrote: ‘Get ready to get your shoes dirty and wet on the all you can drink nights. Sometimes foam party as well and you will end up in your undies.’ If cheap Latin liquor and getting almost naked is what gets you motivated, then you know where to go.

The cover charge is AR$100 (Feb 2016, about $5 USD), and from midnight to 2 a.m. there’s a two-for-one drink special. Website for further details: As ever, don’t go before 1 AM, in fact, don’t get there before 2 AM here.


Best clubs buenos aires



Fiesta Plop

What was once THE gay club to attend, Plop has become a mixture of anything goes and full on shows all blended with unique themes. Most recently sexy costumed McDonalds employees of the month staff have been parading around amongst the debauchery that this fiesta turns Teatro Vorterix into. Check their Facebook page to see what their next party will entail and come prepared for seeing anything. These guys keep it original and have done so for over a decade.


best clubs buenos aires


Piso Compartido

For the younger, internationals Piso Compartido have been throwing themed parties for years. The monthly club night rally together many of the hostels, Spanish schools and younger Argentinians for budget friendly ridiculousness. If you are lucky enough to be here in October their Halloween party is one of the city’s top places to be for a solid night. Mainly found at Club Niceto double check their website for updates and when the cray is going down.

best buenos aires clubs



One final notable mention should be given to the unmissable series of summer events, which go by the name of PM Open Air. Think day parties, a plethora of sublime local DJs and wall to wall crowds of beautiful electronic music loving locals. The parties do change location but are typically hosted either in Mar de Plata or within BA itself (Av. Costanera Norte). Enjoy a full day of Latin sunshine and then a chaotic evening. Many will be pleased by the fact that these events start early in the day, but tend to wrap up before midnight giving you plenty of time to get home, settle into the left over empanadas and fall asleep in air-conditioned comfort.

Tickets can be bought in advance for as little as 150 pesos (Feb 2016, about $5 USD) early bird and peak at 250 . Do get them online because the charming ladies at the entrance will see right through your “perfect” Spanish and up the price considerably. But whether you pay 150 or 400 this really is a summer event you can’t miss and a welcome break from the sweaty caves that are Argentina’s Boliches. Enjoy. (Facebook Page for useful info)

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  1. Dee

    01/01/2017 - 7:15 pm

    Club Kika is the worst bar/club I have been to in my life. 9 to 1 male to female ratio of drunk twats. The worst sound system. The place is a mess and 2 cans of beer for 200 pesos. Simply put, shite and give it a miss.