Buenos Aires Bad Story

Boo, Banglore


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A bad Buenos Aires story by one of our readers who had a less than stellar dining experience

Victim: Me, Anonymous request

Culprit: Banglore, “Restaurant” and Bar

Approximate Location: Humbolt 1416

The skinny: This happened a while ago, but I still feel compelled to tell the tale because of the compete lack of class and concern.

A big group of us go to Banglore for dinner and a couple of people order the same curry dish. The food was quite tasty until the two people that had ordered the curry found staples, yes, staples in the sauce while eating. Who knows if they swallowed a few, but we are talking 3-4 staples in each plate, hidden in the sauce. These little guys were not big, but could have caused a few issues in the old digestive track.

What was amazing was that the waitress could have cared less. After complaining that there was additional unwanted metal in the curry and some hesitation on the waitresses end, they offered to replace the dishes and nothing more. The manager did not visit, the waitress did not want to comp the curries, the only thing that followed common protocol was an embarrassed chef personally apologized to us. It really came down to the waitress and her reaction/actions. She literally could have given two shits. Not going back, not impressed.

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