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Buenos Aires- the New Amsterdam?


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I first came to Argentina four years ago, stayed for a while, and since has been back and forth between Argentina and other countries for the past few years. This most recent return to Buenos Aires, however, I found myself getting a big whiff of that oh-so-familiar herbal substance from street corner to street corner. Why didn’t I never notice this before? Because it has never been so popular in Argentina until now.

Marijuana. Pot. Weed. Mary Jane. 420. Whatever you want to call it, it’s everywhere. It’s one of those drugs that is widespread throughout the world, and the users don’t typically fall into one category or another. You might say it’s the people’s drug.

This is why more and more countries around the world are working towards decriminalizing the possession and personal use of this hardly-dangerous drug. And Argentina is among those countries.

This past August, the Supreme Court of Argentina made a movement in decriminalizing the personal use of marihuana (marijuana), as long as the use is not harmful to others. But really, people are more likely to get violent and dangerous when they are drunk than when they are high, right? So it seems to make a lot of sense. However, the Court is making it very clear that this is not complete decriminalization, but only partial. Basically, they are just trying to keep from pissing off the Church and conservatives (Argentina is a Catholic country, so the Church still plays a major part).

As much as we would like to think that Argentina is paving the way for other countries, in this case, it was actually a follower. Colombia, Venezuala, Ecuador, as well a few other nations in the region have already had similar rulings, and Argentina decided to jump in on the craze. Mexico has even decriminalized the possession of small amount of heroine and cocaine– but we don’t think Argentina is going to take it that far.

Anyway, for such an occasion as this, we decided to give you a few useful vocabulary words to commemorate:

Un faso/porro/baretoA joint

Estar fumado To be high

Flores = headies/good weed


To read more about the decriminalization of marihuana in Argentina, check out this BBC page.

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