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Buenos Aires Bars & Booze – A 2017 Drinking Guide

Courtney Di Trolio

By | May 29, 2017 | 1 comment

Best bars buenos aires

These are the best bars to check out in 2017. From renowned cocktail bars like Floreria Atlantico to the packed out Palermo trending spots like Festival, we will delve into the best places to go for the creative, the classics with a twist, and the ambiance to match it all.

Best bars buenos aires



A cocktail a day keeps the doctor away? Boticario thinks so.
With the tagline, “todo para el enfermo,” (everything for the sick) cleverly displayed on a neon sign, it didn’t take long for newly-opened Boticario to become the talk of Palermo.

Themed after an antique drugstore with botanical motifs woven throughout, this bar has indoor spaces and a cocktail menu that will toy with your imagination. From the moody floral wallpaper to the leafy plants spilling from every medicine cabinet, the designers of Boticario did not skimp on a single detail. And their cocktails call for the same articulate attention to detail. Their drink menu is categorized into sections depending on the type of drink you prefer. With unique and fresh concoctions like a Tea Hibiscus Tonic with gin, basil and grapefruit oil, a Sparkling Grass with whiskey and lemongrass, or a Fungus Negroni with gin, vermouth, campari and smoked mushrooms, you are bound to find a drink that will catch your curiosity. Boticario is on point when it comes to ambiance meeting quality cocktails. (Even their one-of-a-kind bathroom sinks and faucets are worth a visit while you’re there!)

Address: Honduras 5207, Palermo

La Calle

Another newer spot in town is called La Calle. You would never find it if you weren’t looking, as it’s hidden behind a tipico Argentine pizza shop, La Guitarrita. The pizza shop is filled with standing-only counters and aged newspaper clippings which speak to their deep loyalty for Argentine pizza and soccer. If you choose to bypass the pizza, (but why would you?) head straight through to the double doors which introduce a grungy bar with an underground element.

The dark bar has a menu of traditional cocktails, as well as some of their own creations. La Calle posts a full calendar of DJ’s bringing the funk, house and even a “black night” (which we assume was a roundabout way of saying rap music.)

This bar might not have the most outstanding cocktail menu in Buenos Aires, however, the pizza / drink combo is what makes La Calle a winner in our book.

Address: Niceto Vega 4942, Palermo

best bars buenos aires

Los Galgos

Swooning Sinatra tunes, dim candlelight dinners over Argentine staples, and best of all, DRANKS. Sophisticated and laid-back, Los Galgos is full of options for the hungry, thirsty and curious. Besides their full coffee menu complete with housemade facturas, Los Galgos features full lunch and dinner options, as well as negroni on tap, an array of vermouths, cocktails, an impressive wine list, 2 beers on tap, and a smattering of aperitivos and after-dinner liqueurs.

A traditional Argentine establishment taken over by the owner of the revered Thames Ocho7ocho, the locale at first appears to be your tipico bar notable. There you’ll find the professionals who work downtown, the local souls, and the visitors; Los Galgos is the complete package for them all. Because at a second glance, Los Galgos has done something really special. It has taken the best of Argentine history, food, drink, ambiance, and made something original, fresh and new. The subtle brilliance is how it manages to conjure up feelings of nostalgia and innovation, all at once.

Visit during Hora Vermú for a few happy hour specials, stop by in the afternoon for a coffee pick-me-up, or stay for dinner to enjoy one of their delicacies like spinach raviolis, “garden rabbit,” or milanesa (a cuadril) with triple-fried french fries, finished off with a grapa or amarula. Los Galgos has captured the heart of the portenos and the history of Buenos Aires in this unassuming bar notable. You’ll leave with a full heart.

Address: Callao 501, Buenos Aires

best buenos aires bars


Cinzano is in the house.

We might not be in Madrid, but the aperitivo hour has made its way to us. A little piece of Spain situated right in Palermo Hollywood, Vermuth is a new bar highlighting cocktails and drinks featuring the obvious: vermouth as its star ingredient.

The favored beverage choices of portenos (residents of B.A.), such as vermouth and fernet, are one of the many nods to the Spanish/Italian influence in Buenos Aires. Originating from Italy, vermouth is an aromatised wine flavored with herbs, spices, bark and floral ingredients, to give it a depth of flavor that makes it a perfect mixer or a stand-alone paired with a twist of lemon or an olive. Some vermouths are dry, and others are sweet, but if you’re a beginner, we recommend you start with the classic aperitif cocktail, the Negroni. Or for something unique, try the frozen cardamom and peach bellini!

With sleek-looking subway tiling paired with playful designs, dark wooden furniture and industrial brick walls, Vermuth has a chic style, perfect for a classy night out.

Address: Fitz Roy 1951, Palermo Hollywood

Floreria Atlantico

Floreria Atlantico might be old news when it comes to “what’s hot in the drinking scene of Buenos Aires,” however, it is still not fake news. Cocktail-geniuses Renato ‘Tato” Giovannoni and Julian Diaz continue to keep it interesting with a cocktail menu that is constantly evolving and reinventing itself.

Floreria is one of the Top 50 Bars in the World for good reason. Walk into what appears to be a charming flower and wine shop. Through its refrigerator doors, you’ll find a passageway into the alley-like basement with a long bar on one side and paintings of mythical sea creatures lining the other. But the drinks are where the experience get’s really interesting. Every drink has its own unique eccentricity, like a cocktail served in a conch shell to recall seaside memories or a spirited chocolate milk served with a curly straw to bring back thoughts of childhood. There is a drink found for your every fancy, all inspired by the city’s first immigrants and the countries they originated from. Floreria (we guarantee) will awe and inspire you.

Notable mention: their restaurant next door, Brasero Atlantico, serves up some of the best steak in town. We recommend getting a drink or two at Floreria and ending the night with a steak next door. Also, definitely make reservations for Floreria or get there around opening time.

Address: Arroyo 872, Retiro


We think Tesla is a bit under-rated. With its vintage, industrial decor and its small but solid cocktail list, Tesla is chill, relaxed and consistent. It’s the bar you go to when you just want an Aperol Spritz, and you don’t want to deal with the crowds. It’s the bar you go to when you just want to kick back and watch Back to the Future projected on the wall with a champagne cocktail in hand. (#truestory) Tesla is in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Palermo, which makes it the ideal spot to meet up with friends without all of the fuss.

Featuring indoor and outdoor seating, cozy couch areas, and hanging edison light fixtures creating a warm invite to stay for awhile, this is the neighborhood bar that everyone wants in their neighborhood.

P.S. The papas bravas accompany a drink superbly.

Address: Gorriti 5801, Palermo

best buenos aires bars


Thames Ocho7Ocho

Ocho7Ocho is one of those places that gets everything right, every time. The playlist is always right. The simplicity of decor balanced with the beauty of the space is just right. The way it feels known and secretive all at once, is spot on. It sounds ambiguous, but the perfection of Ocho7Ocho is hard to put into words.

It has an unassuming appearance, when you walk into what appears to be an old colonial Argentine house with a muted interior. Each table is lit by candlelight and above the bar hangs a black and white felt menu board stating a few of their staple spirits and wines.

However unassuming it may appear, Ocho7Ocho boasts a flashy drink menu. Although extensive, definitely try one (or a few) of the classic porteno drinks. Even more surprising is the secretive room in the back, only for those in the know. This is an essential bar to visit. And bonus, it offers great treats and drinks during their Hora Vermu, their vermouth – oriented take on happy hour, Monday through Friday from 7 – 9 pm.

Address: Thames 878, Villa Crespo


If you’re feeling festive, head to Festival, a cement emporium of intoxicated fun!

Here you’ll find the boliche-dwellers, artists and hipsters alike. You’ll be welcomed by a bouncer upon arrival, and then ushered through the large coppery doors into a dimly lit, open-air space. Hang out downstairs to hit up one of the bars or head upstairs to visit the art gallery space with rotating art exhibitions.

Festival is the perfect spot to go with a large group of friends, and it’s open early into the wee morning hours with live music and a true party atmosphere. Order one of the juleps or a pisco sour and their italian-style nachos with marinara sauce and mozzarella!

You’ll have no problem getting in on a weeknight but be prepared for a line on a weekend night.

Address: Gorriti 5741, Palermo

J.W. Bradley

We would be remiss if we didn’t include the obligatory speakeasy (for…you know who you are). Recently celebrating its first year since inauguration, J.W. Bradley has established itself as the new speakeasy on the block.

Although not completely hidden, the bar’s only indication is a single black sign next to its big wooden doors. Upon entering, a train conductor will host you aboard The Orient Express, a connection to the boozy world that lies beyond, where you journey through time and space, and, a few minutes later, find yourself in a train station in London. (The lengths we will go for a good cocktail!)

The thematic elements of J.W. Bradley are thorough, such as the booths mimicking the seats of a train, and the drink menu is fun, with each cocktail name keeping to the theme. We recommend the King’s Cross, featuring gin, flavors of lemongrass and earl grey and topped off with an egg white. It’s delightful.

Address: Godoy Cruz 1875, Palermo

Pony Line Bar

Complete with a fancy ambiance, a central location, cocktails with a porteno spin, top-quality food (including gluten-friendly options,) a schedule of featured DJ’s and a terrace, Pony Line has a bit of it all.

The Pony Line Bar, situated in the Four Seasons Hotel, is for those who want to truly go out in style and class. (And it’s also for those who want to try what is arguable the best burger in Buenos Aires.) Designed with Polo in mind, the elegant lounge area incorporates leather couches, unique light fixtures, and modern lines to make it a perfect work spot during the day, tipo after-office in the evening, and a nightlife locale during the later hours.

The area referred to as the “stables” is a partially closed areas with a full bar view, and works for corporate or personal events, with seating areas and booths that fit between 10 – 12 people.

Although this bar is pricey, it’s also top-quality. And in our book, it’s worth it, just for a blow-your-mind-good burger and a great cocktail! Pony Line will far surpass your preconceptions of a “bar hotel.”

Address: Posadas 1086, Retiro

Although these bars weren’t included above, they definitely deserve a visit: is a piece of New York City thrown into Palermo via a subway entrance. It’s trendy, and it’s got New York style. This spot is hot right now. Make sure you make reservations EARLY. This spot fills up fast!


is the cliche “American” restaurant, swarming with cheto expats and Argentines. However, their happy hour munchies are so good that we are getting hungry just thinking about them: Loaded baked potato skins, steak and mushroom flatbread, barbeque chicken flatbread, chicken fingers, smoked salmon on toast, and the secret item that’s not even listed on the menu, the loaded nachos. It’s the real deal.


offers delicious and simple libations, but best of all, they offer a jarra (pitcher) of specific cocktails on the menu. Also check online to sign up for one of their cocktail-making classes!


is a nod to Naples, Italy. A beautiful bar situated in San Telmo with a great cocktail selection!


– Sophisticated, cheto, and absolutely noteworthy cocktails, this basement bar and restaurant in downtown B.A. is worth a stop.

Verne Club

– This cocktail bar bordering Plaza Medrano is disguised as an Argentine residence. It’s the perfect spot for the late twenties and up crowd to imbibe. Think leather chairs, candle-lit tables, and a nostalgia for the 20’s.

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