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Best things to do in Buenos Aires with kids


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If you’re considering a family holiday to Buenos Aires, but lost as to activities beyond wine and tango, fear not! The city has loads to offer, from sweet treats to parks and museums which will make it memorable for all members of the clan. The locals have a very welcoming attitude towards children which includes lots of head-patting and giving up seats on public transport. This is a place where kids are treated as little ‘Reyes’ (Kings), and you’ll find there’s no shortage of events and activities to keep them occupied.

Museo de los Ninos Abasto

what to do with kids in buenos aires
In Argentina, you will find the concept of “life as a stage” acted out everywhere you look. It’s a culture where seemingly unspectacular events are met with the most theatrical of performances. At the Museo de los Niños in Abasto, this idea of role play is taken to a whole new level. It’s a miniature reconstruction of a city where children can imitate the profession of their choice. Whether their being a TV presenter or cameraman at the tiny TV studio, printing newspapers or working at the bank, kids love it. The colourful, small scale reconstructions of the subte (underground) and colectivo (bus) are particularly sweet, where you can choose to be passenger or driver. If none of the above catches their attention, exploring the plumbing system through the means of a giant toilet will.

Abasto Shopping centre

90 pesos per child

35 pesos per adult

Under 2s free (new area for 0-3 year olds)

Bonus: The top floor at Abasto Shopping mall is an indoor amusement park for kids. Rides, games and indoor ferris wheel.


Indulge their sweet tooth

The ‘dulces’ (sweet foods) in Buenos Aires are every kids dream- hyper sugary and always available. Highlights include the renowned ice cream and absolutely anything flavoured with Dulce de Leche (caramel made from sweetened milk). When taking a coffee break, get the kids a Submarino, a brilliant, do-it-yourself hot chocolate, where you immerse a tiny chocolate bar into a glass of hot milk.
Worried about the high sugar levels? Don’t be, they’re going to need the energy if they’re going to keep up with the locals. Children have an incredible night life stamina here, with evening meals kicking off as late as 10pm. Instead of the usual bedtime battle, they’ll soon be drifting off to a peaceful sleep with their head slowly declining into a plateful of spaghetti.


Museo Participativo de las Ciencias

In a place where you will never get a direct answer to any given question, touch is one of the best ways of getting things across here. At the Museo Participativo de las Ciencias, there are two floors of tactile stuff that kids can spend hours exploring. A neverending supply of games and puzzles from optical illusions to giant whirlpools. Everything requires interaction in imaginative ways, particularly the light effects section. What’s more, it’s all educational! Don’t miss the music, sound and ‘ondas’ room for a hands-on experience of Argentine rhythm.
Centro Cultural Recoleta, Junin 1930

Entrance $60


Botecitos at the Bosques de Palermo

On a sunny day, you can get an hours worth of classic family pedalo time for around 50 pesos. The Bosques are huge, and the water space to explore plentiful. Bikes, pedal carts, roller blades are all for rent at different stands around the lake. Be warned that it gets very busy on the weekends and mosquito repellent is essential during warmer months.

Dinosaur skeletons at Museo de Ciencias Naturales

kids buenos aires
Argentina’s past goes further back than you might think. In prehistoric times it was literally the place where it was all going on- recently the bones of the largest ever dinosaur were found in Patagonia. The Museo de Ciencias Naturales is a classic natural history museum, and the stars of the show are the extensive collection of weird and wonderful dinosaur skeletons. The creatures they’ve seen on Jurassic Park will be nothing compared to these bizarre Patagonian dinos.
Angel Gallardo 470

Entrance 15 pesos


Best Outdoor Spaces

Luckily, Buenos Aires has no shortage of open park space where the kids can wear themselves out and use up all that excess energy. Whether you are looking for the sectioned-off play areas found in many plazas, or the massive stretches of grass in the Bosques de Palermo, the city has loads to offer. These are the most fun and safest locations for a run-around:

Essential vocab for parent travelers

baby changing room – cambiador
boy / girl – nene / nena
fresh juice – jugo exprimido
fruit smoothie – licuado
high chair – silla para niños
ice cream – helado
kids – pibes
nappy/diaper –pañal
plasters – curitas
to play – jugar
the playground – el area de juegos
push chair – carrito
tissue – pañuelo
toy – juguete
toy shop – juguetería

Useful links: 

Short-term babysitting:

For the latest kids events, help and info:

puesto viejo

Tours and activities for kids of all ages:
Tango shows: Almost all shows offer a 50% off discount for children 3-11, free of charge under 3
Polo Lessons: Country days without polo lessons and only riding are available
Futbol games: Children under 3 are free. Depending on the game and stadium children under 12 sometimes receive discounted tickets
Group cooking and dinner: Children 4-12 are 40% off, 18% off for 13-17 yr olds

Tours and activities for kids 14+:
City bike tours: All bikes are beach cruisers meant for adults and kids over 14+
Kayaking and cycling in Tigre All bikes are beach cruisers meant for kids over 14+

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  1. Alex_voyager

    31/12/2015 - 12:13 am

    Another nice place for kids it is the “Children´s Republic” -República de los Niños- The «Argentina´s Disneyland» where Walt Disney inspired himself to create his own Park. It´s 60 km from Buenos Aires City, in La Plata City. There is only a company that organize this tour called Kangoo Tours.