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Buenos Aires Palermo Shopping Guide Part 2: The Botánico

Natalie Schreyer

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As the largest neighborhood in the city, Palermo provides a limitless amount of shopping options. Although Palermo SoHo can perhaps be considered the hub of fashion and design in this part of the city, there is another treasured section of Palermo where you can find petite boutiques and high-end showrooms: The Botánico. SoHo may be the reigning design center, but the Botánico is certainly worth a visit.

Amongst the variety of scattered boutiques, there lies a special gem off the beaten bath. Kukla (Bulnes 2677) is the essence of casual cool, with their own jean line, cotton tees, and relaxed dresses. Here you can find some of the most popular trends for spring, such as striped tops in blue and red, and colorfully printed swimsuits. They offer a few pairs of shoes, which reflect the store’s youthful look, and a selection of necklaces to match your new outfit. The boutique’s design is fun and funky, with bright plastic straps covering the dressing room entrance, and a giant print of the new ad campaign plastered across the store windows. At Kukla, you can expect the ultimate in comfort and style, without an ostentatious design aesthetic.

Shoes by Mona

If you’re after accessories, a small boutique on Cabello called Elástica (Cabello 3669) invites you in with their walls lined with trendy leather bags, small crystal clutches, and hip belts. They also sell an assortment of earrings and necklaces made for every occasion, as well as a collection of clothes from their own line. Look forward to a fun, laidback vibe inside, and above all, lots of color. At Elástica, you’re in accessory heaven.

In addition to Elástica, another popular Botánico boutique is always a must for me. El Mercadito (Cerviño 3839) is packed with clothing by everyone from Maria Cher and AY Not Dead to little-known labels such as Moro Shiki and the Doll Store. The boutique’s buyer always chooses carefully, and consistently stocks the most interesting pieces from every collection. You can even find jeans by Benito Fernandez and a few select dresses from his line. Jewelry is adorable and inexpensive at El Mercadito. I found a lovely pair of drop earrings for just $44 pesos. In a store filled with the best of the best, it’s nice to have a balance of more affordable items.

Shoes by Mona

A day of shopping would not be complete without shoes, and hidden in the Botánico is by far one of the best shoe showrooms in Buenos Aires. Mona (Cabello 3625 7E) never fails to produce the most wearable, comfortable flats, as well as a collection of heels and boots that define the meaning of elegant. The mixture of fabrics such as patent leather with suede make these shoes unique and attractive, and added accessories like buckles and sparkling stones only enhance their beauty. The design is absolutely fabulous, but the shoes at Mona are best-known for comfort. As you try on your first pair, expect to feel a soft cushion beneath your toes, and a perfectly contoured fit. It’s no wonder Mona has been featured in publications such as OhLALA and La Nación. These
designers deserve the recognition.

Without a doubt, Palermo is the heart of the fashion world in Buenos Aires, and the Botánico forms a charming part of this large neighborhood. Shady streets, relaxed cafes, and of course, chic boutiques, have slowly transformed this section of Palermo into a design destination. The next time you’re yearning for a day of shopping, check out the Botánico. You’re in for a pleasant surprise.

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