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Buenos Aires Bad Story

Rigged Meters and Fake Money

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Victim: Danny Lynch Culprit: Dishonest Taxi Driver Approximate Location: The Gringo Taxi Route of Buenos Aires The skinny: In my opinion the most stressful and difficult part of traveling is arriving. When I say this I am not referring to hopping in your Prius and arriving at your grandparents place in Palm Springs. I am […]

Buenos Aires Bad Story


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From: Paul Strobl, the man, the myth… Victim: Everyone Culprit: Big Business Approximate Location: Everywhere The Skinny: Jarabe de Maiz de Alta Fructosa, aka JMAF (High Fructose Corn Syrup) is finding its way into lots of food products around Buenos Aires. The verdict is still out on whether this stuff is more or less harmful […]

Buenos Aires Bad Story


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Victim: Me, Anonymous request Culprit: Me Approximate Location: Teatro Colon The Skinny: I convinced visitors to spend $250 USD on teatro colon tickets, the best seats, on their only night in town. The show was canceled because the staff went on strike.