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Buenos Aires tango do’s and don’ts, shows and milongas

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buenos aires tango show

For newcomers to Buenos Aires, negotiating the city’s tango scene is an exciting, yet potentially daunting, prospect. The music seems to dominate every facet of metropolitan culture, as Argentina’s most famous form of creative expression is seen everywhere. For many people, tango is an essential part of visiting the capital, not just in the shows, […]

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Buenos Aires Tango shows: Cafe de los Angelitos

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tango shows in buenos aires

It’s sensual, provocative, and charged with sexual chemistry. But that’s enough about my daily interaction with Buenos Aires bus drivers. Let’s talk tango. If you’re seeking this most quintessential of Argentinean traditions, even more so than beef, football or precipitous economic tottering, there are few places as steeped in the rich tapestry of porteño culture […]