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What to do if arrested in Buenos Aires

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emergencies in buenos aires

  Most travelers are in search of fun and adventure while traveling throughout Argentina. But what are you to do if your adventures lead to a sticky legal situation? We sat down with Dr. Gastón M. Marano, from MGR Legal Consultants (a local firm specializing in international disputes here in Buenos Aires) and asked him […]

Safety, Crime & Safety

Buenos Aires Tourist Scams and Crime

By | December 17, 2010 | 13 comments

Petty Crime in Buenos Aires and Techniques for Avoiding It. Be Aware, not Scared Yes, it’s true. Like any big city, Buenos Aires has its fair share of thieves (ladrones), punks (pendejos) and silk tongue sweet talkers (chamuyeros) looking for opportunities to take advantage of the unsuspecting traveler, tourist or local alike. Overall, Buenos Aires […]