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Tipping and Gratuities in Argentina

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Tipping can get tricky when traveling outside of your social or geographical bubble. The Japanese, for example, don’t accept tips and get very uncomfortable, sometimes offended, about the whole business. North Americans are typically known for being generous tippers, for close to any service provided, no matter what, whereas in Iceland it simply doesn’t exist. […]

Money, Jobs and Technology

Cost of Living in Buenos Aires

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  Updated*: Cost of living in Buenos Aires, January 2014 Everyone travels differently, from spending without care on some gifts, meals, and random purchases to tightening up on others. Below is a list of average prices in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires (Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano, Centro, Puerto Madero, Almagro, Villa Crespo). You will find prices that […]

Money, Jobs and Technology

Teaching English in Buenos Aires

By | May 12, 2010 | 37 comments

I’ve always been fully aware of the advantages that come with being an American citizen. Not until I went south of the border, however, did I realize the privileges of being a native English speaker. Thanks to Manifest Destiny and over a century of cultural, political, and economic hegemony, English has become the global language. […]