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Current prices Buenos Aires, 2014

Jed Rothenberg

By | January 18, 2014 | 1 comment

how much are things in argentina

How much do things cost in Buenos Aires now? Taxis, buses, beers, going out…

To compare to years past*: Cost of living in Buenos Aires, October 2011

Everyone travels differently, from spending without care on some gifts, meals, and random purchases to tightening up on others. Below is a list of average prices in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires (San Telmo, Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano, Centro, Puerto Madero, Almagro, Villa Crespo). You will find prices that are much higher and a bit less than these listed depending on quality, location, etc. This should give you a rough idea of what’s happening here price-wise!

January 2014, Current official exchange rate $1 USD = $6.75 ARS, unofficial cash USD “blue dollar” exchange rate $1 USD = $11.80 ARS
Inflation (Unofficial, but more realistic is about 20-25% per year)

How Much is Transportation

Taxi $11.00 ARS Day, $13.20 ARS Night
Taxi click of the meter $1.00 ARS Day, $1.32 ARS Night
Buses, Inside Capital Federal $4.50 ARS (with SUBE card)
Subway $3.50 ARS
Trains $0.80+ ARS Depending on Distance
Remis/Taxi to EZE from Palermo $250 ARS

*Hot Tip: Taxis are generally driven by honest fellows. Tipping is not expected, but is a kind gesture when small change is involved to let them keep it for simplicity’s sake. Do keep an eye out for the bad apple taxi scams though.

How much is it to go out? (Restaurants, Bars, Clubs)

Average coffee (cortado, expresso) $20 ARS
Cocktail $45 ARS
Large Pizza $75 ARS
Liter of Beer $45 ARS
Meal for 2 $165 ARS
Club Entry $100 ARS

*Insider’s Tips:
-Restaurants encourage a 10% tip ratio, but it is not required and loosely followed at lunch.
-Bartenders typically do not get tipped, but tipping is a good way to speed up service the next round.

How Much are Groceries?

2 Liter Mineral Water $9 ARS
Pack of Cigarettes $11 ARS
500 ml Bottle of Coke $11 ARS
1 Kilo of Bife de Chorizo $70 ARS
Bag – o – Milk $7.50 ARS
Liter of Beer $12 ARS
4 Pack of Toilet Paper $18 ARS
3 Pack of Condoms $15 ARS
100 Grams of Ham $9 ARS
Carton of OJ $11 ARS

*Insider’s Tip:
-“El Chino”, the smaller grocery stores (have a tendency to be owned by folks of Asian decent) generally have lower prices than the larger supermarkets. However, recent government induced price freezes may have the larger grocery stores offering lower prices. The Chinos are not adhering to the price freezes
-For food/spice variety and international products, check out Barrio Chino and Jumbo.

For more examples of the cost of living in Buenos Aires

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  1. Garry Mullin

    25/04/2014 - 8:26 am

    Hi Jed
    I have been looking at your web site for some time and I will definitely be contacting you guys when I get over there in December for various tours. I live in Perth, Australia and it is difficult to exchange Australian dollars for ARS’s and god only knows what these Travelex people will charge. I noted in your TIP’S about the official exchange rate and the unofficial cash USD “blue dollar” exchange rate. I have some USD notes, could you please advise what is the best way to exchange them when I am in Buenos Aires?
    I would much appreciate any advice.
    Cheers Garry