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Cost of Living in Buenos Aires

Rex Racer

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Updated*: Cost of living in Buenos Aires, January 2014

Everyone travels differently, from spending without care on some gifts, meals, and random purchases to tightening up on others. Below is a list of average prices in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires (Recoleta, Palermo, Belgrano, Centro, Puerto Madero, Almagro, Villa Crespo). You will find prices that are much higher and a bit less than these listed depending on quality, location, etc. This should give you a rough idea of what’s happening here price-wise!

January 2011, Current exchange rate $1 USD = $4 ARS
Inflation (Unofficial, but more realistic is about 20-25% per year)

How Much is Transportation

Taxi $5.80 ARS
Taxi click of the meter $0.58 ARS
Buses, Inside Capital Federal $1.10, $1.20, $1.25 ARS
Subway $1.10 ARS
Trains $0.80+ ARS Depending on Distance
Remis/Taxi to EZE from Palermo $160 ARS

*Hot Tip: Taxis are generally driven by honest fellows. Tipping is not expected, but is a kind gesture when small change is involved to let them keep it for simplicity’s sake. Coin shortages are common in Argentina. Don’t try to pay with a 100 unless you have to or the ride costs more than 30 or 40 pesos.

How much is it to go out? (Restaurants, Bars, Clubs)

Average coffee (cortado, expresso) $8 ARS
Cocktail $22 ARS
Large Pizza $45 ARS
Liter of Beer $27 ARS
Meal for 2 $85 ARS
Club Entry $35 ARS

*Insider’s Tips:
-Restaurants encourage a 10% tip ratio, but it is not required and loosely followed at lunch.
-Bartenders typically do not get tipped, but tipping’s a good way to speed up service the next round. Exception: Andy Jackson at The Spot Bar in Recoleta, Ayacucho 1261. Please tip heavily…he’s a gentleman and a scholar.

How Much are Groceries?

2 Liter Mineral Water $5 ARS
Pack of Cigarettes $6 ARS
500 ml Bottle of Coke $6 ARS
1 Kilo of Bife de Chorizo $50 ARS
Bag – o – Milk $4.50 ARS
Liter of Beer $7 ARS
4 Pack of Toilet Paper $10 ARS
3 Pack of Condoms $7.50 ARS
100 Grams of Ham $6 ARS
Carton of OJ $7 ARS

*Insider’s Tip:
-“El Chino”, the smaller grocery stores (have a tendency to be owned by folks of Asian decent) generally have lower prices than the larger supermarkets.
-For food/spice variety and international products, check out Barrio Chino and Jumbo.

For more examples of the cost of living in Buenos Aires

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