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The Best Dulce de Leche Ice Creams in Buenos Aires

Maria Carra

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Dulce de leche is by far one of my favorite treats in Buenos Aires, and dulce de leche ice cream is one of my favorite ways of indulging. Along with our fabulous beef, we also have wonderful dairy, which yields delicious ice cream. There are many different ice cream shops to choose from, and each will most likely have an entire selection of different dulce de leche ice cream flavors. Below are my top five Dulce de Leche ice creams in Buenos Aires.

Dulce de Leche Volta at Un´ Altra Volta
Un Alta Volta, is the latest creation of the original owners of Freddo (featured below) ice cream shop, the most popular ice chain in Buenos Aires. Back with a vengeance, they take our number one spot. Their Dulce de Leche Volta, with almonds and caramelized hazelnuts, has the perfect combination of crunch and silky smooth ice cream. This ice cream brand has parlors throughout Buenos Aires as well as a home delivery service.

Chocuquinna at Persicco
Rumor has it, Persicco is the third member of the Freddo – Un Altra Volta family. When the owners of Freddo sold their company to a larger stakeholders, it was not log before Persicco and Un Altra Volta surfaced.
Famous for their signature flavors, Persicco´s masterminds, offer an ice cream version of the popular Chocolina cake. This flavor consist of a dulce de leche and cream cheese mixture with chocolate cookie bits.

Dulce de Leche Clasico at Freddo
When you want to sample a classic, why go anywhere else other than the local classic, Heladerias Freddo. Created by the now owners of Un Altra Volta, Freddo is one of the largest ice cream chains in the country. Most porteños have sampled their first dulce de leche ice cream at a Freddo ice cream parlor. Famous for having the best dulce de leche in town, the dulce de leche clasico is our flavor of choice at Freddo.

Dulce de Leche Granizado at Munchis
Munchis began small and remained the best kept secret in town, until they exploded as the parlor with by far, the creamiest ice cream in BA. Dulce de leche granizado is every child’s favorite at some stage in Argentina. Who can say no to cream dulce de leche ice cream with chocolate chips?

Super Dulce de Leche from La Veneciana
La Veneciana is located in the neighborhood of Belgrano and is usually filed with neighborhood regulars. With a few other shops around BA, the Belgrano shop is by far the most visited. Super to say the least, this dulce de leche ice cream has real dulce de leche swirls. This flavor can be found in many other ice cream shops, but none quite as delicious as La Veneciana.

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Photos courtesy of Hagen Daz. Photos licensed by Creative Commons

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