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By | September 1, 2011 | 3 comments

Learning Spanish at a school in Argentina is becoming increasingly popular- but what course is right for you?

Spanish crash course in Buenos Aires

Over the past ten years increasing numbers of people are choosing to learn Spanish in Argentina. People in search of Spanish fluency, or just a few key Spanish phrases to help them get by during their travels around Latin America, are descending on Argentina to fulfill their Spanish speaking potential and enjoy everything Argentina has to offer, from the great steak through to the friendly and talkative natives, who will be more than happy to help them practice your Spanish listening skills over a café cortado.

Whatever the reason, if you’ve made the decision to learn Spanish in Argentina, it’s likely you’ll have a few more choices to make before landing in Argentina. Choices such as, where in Argentina to study Spanish? Perhaps the beautiful, university city of Cordoba or Argentina’s wine capital Mendoza, or the most obvious and most commonly made choice, Argentina’s diverse and absorbing capital, Buenos Aires. What type of accommodation will you stay in? You might choose to maximize your cultural immersion by staying with a family as part of a homestay or prefer to mingle with other travelers in a hostel, or maybe choose to have a bit of independence in a private apartment.

If all that wasn’t enough, the biggest, and probably most important decision you are likely to have to make in your quest to learn Spanish in Argentina, will be choosing the right type of Spanish course. There are many Spanish schools in Argentina all offering different course packages and options that can be confusing to the untrained eye. To make life a bit easier and give you a clearer view of what’s available to Spanish students in Argentina, we’ve asked one of the best known Spanish schools in Argentina, Expanish, to give us a quick overview of the type of courses on offer:

Spanish Crash Courses

Many of the bigger schools offer crash Spanish courses for people wanting to learn the basics of Spanish in a short space of time. This kind of course is great if you’re a total beginner or a traveler who wants to learn key phrases and words to help you get by during your trip. Crash courses can also be a great way of getting a taste of what it’s like to learn Spanish if you’re considering committing to a more intensive course.

Group Spanish courses

The most commonly offered type of course are the group Spanish courses, usually made up of four hours of group Spanish classes either in the morning or afternoon. These courses are particularly popular because they are intensive, enabling you to cover off up to 20 hours of Spanish learning in just one week, whilst also being relatively economical due to the group nature of them (average class sizes are usually around 6 people per class). In addition studying for 4 hours a day leaves you with the rest of the day to explore your surroundings and socialize with your classmates!

One to One

Individual Spanish classes offer a number of benefits, the most obvious being that the classes one to one nature enables them to be 100% personalized to meet your needs. Whether you want to focus on practicing your written skills or focus on that awkward subjunctive grammar that you still can’t get your head around, your teacher will focus on your needs alone. Other benefits include the ability to choose the hours to suit your schedule and the ability to get more conversation practice.

Super Intensive

Usually made up of a combination of the above. Group lessons plus one to one classes, designed for people who want to get the best of both worlds and make extra quick progress in their quest for Spanish fluency. The group lessons offering a large number of learning hours, topped up by individual sessions to go over what you’ve learnt and help you focus on your problem areas and get more conversation practice.

Specialist courses

In addition to the standard Spanish school offering, many schools offer specialist courses for people wanting to learn Spanish for specific contexts. These courses are usually for people who have a prior knowledge of Spanish. Courses include:
• Business Spanish
• Medical Spanish
• Travel and tourism Spanish

For those interested in studying Spanish in Argentina, Expanish Spanish School, could be a good place to start as the website is easy to navigate and they have a team of people on hand to help talk you through your options and find the right Spanish Course for you!

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  1. Rebecca Langley

    09/01/2012 - 7:06 pm


    Just moved in with a friend in Buenos Aires. I NEED TO LEARN SPANISH! Does anyone know of a good school that isn’t a scam or over $500 a month? I’m living in Palermo and would like to start immediately.

    Suggestions / recommendations appreciated!

  2. webmaster

    11/01/2012 - 10:06 am

    Check into the University of Buenos Aires classes- you’ll need to jump through some hoops to get a student visa, but its a lot less expensive and for the long term visitor.

  3. Dalton

    19/12/2012 - 4:09 pm

    I don’t think there’s any school that charges less than $500 a month. I took 5 weeks of classes and went to every school I had heard good reviews about before booking any classes, and all of them were at least $165 per week. I do think it’s worth the investment ’cause you learn so much faster in a private school with small classes than in bigger classes at the public university (although I’ve heard good enough critics about it).
    I went to El Pasaje Spanish School and I found the experience very satisfying. It’s not cheaper than $500 a month, but if you decide to pay for it, it’s one of the cheapest and the one with the best reviews on Trip Advisor (trust me, I’ve done A LOT of research).
    Good luck!