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New businesses in Buenos Aires you should know about, 2012

Jed Rothenberg

By | December 17, 2012 | 2 comments

El Tejano

During 2012 many new businesses opened up shop in Buenos Aires. There’s no surprise that the majority are food related. Here’s our list of the new guys around town that you should check out, show some support and let’s wish them our best for success!

Pop-up restos, closed door restaurants and food tours

With a flood of closed door restaurants coming into Buenos Aires and attempting to fill the demand of both adventurous eating and a lack of variety there are a bunch of folks who have taken it to the next level.


food tour in Buenos aires

Popular food blogger and “major fatty” Allie Lazar of Pick up the Fork Buenos Aires food blog has finally created her own Buenos Aires food tour. Rest assured that the tour will change routes regularly and some real hidden gems will be unearthed. This is a tour that is bound to be one of the best Buenos Aires has to offer.

thinsg to do in buenos aires

Someone finally got wise and created a parrilla (steakhouse) tour in Buenos Aires. David Carlisle is leading people around to some low key, legit Buenos Aires parrillas and charging a fair price to do so. Meat lovers unite!

Kelin Cakes

Where can I get a quality blueberry muffin? What delectable sweets will accompany my 5 o’clock teatime this afternoon? Yes, these are all questions you have found yourself asking while in Buenos Aires. Look no further, Kelin Cakes have arrived. Baked goods delivered to your doorstep in Capital Federal. Breakfast just got better.

liza doing something cooking related

Liza Puglia of NOLAchef is bringing New Orleans and Mexican fusion to the Buenos Aires food scene. Her location varies enough that it is best to check her website as to where she will be popping up next.
closed door restaurant in buenos aires

What happens when you combine superstar expats Frances Ren Huang, Duff “the buff” Douglas and Alan “the badass” Epstein? You get the Hidden Kitchen, a Chinese-Taiwanese closed door restaurant full of deliciousness. Contact them for the top secret location and bring your loose pants.

places to eat in buenos aires

Crappy picture by Jed Rothenberg

Full City Coffee set up shop this past year in the off the beaten path neighborhood of Chacarita helping quench the thirst for a good brew in Buenos Aires. The burgers, homemade bread and Colombian arepas are all tasty treats.

Jorge Newbery 3663 (near Jorge Newbery and Roseti)
bagels in buenos aires

A new mysterious baker known only as The Buenos Aires Bread Company has popped up in Palermo making fresh bread, sweets and focusing on the coveted bagel. An order of a dozen includes delivery and be sure to check out their unique flavors plus old classics; sesame, chimichurri, everything, chocolate, cinnamon raisin… Their recommended cream cheese is Finlandia’s Classic. Seriously, it is quite similar to Philadelphia. Thank you Lauren!

El Tejano

Larry Rogers has been tinkering with salsas, BBQ sauces and the like for a couple of years, but finally the man has focused on something Buenos Aires desperately needed more so than just the finishing touch. A good quality southern BBQ using quality Argentinean beef. Brisket. Need I say more. Check out El Tejano’s closed door restaurant.


photography in buenos aires

Cuatro Patas

One of Buenos Aires’ most well loved expats, Kyle Short, has begun to spread his charisma even further by creating Cuatro Patas a professional pet photography (that counts as alliteration right?) company.


bike tours in buenos aires

Biking Buenos Aires boasts a collection of 5 different unique bike tours in Buenos Aires. Parks and Plazas to Graffiti themed rides, this is a great way to see the city if you are burned out on walking tours or open air bus rides.
polo lessons in buenos aires

Puesto Viejo

The quiet estancia Puesto Viejo nestled in the neighboring city Cañuelas (about an hour drive from Buenos Aires) has begun to offer 2 polo lessons, delicious asado (Argentinean bbq) and polo themed country day excursions.
off the beaten path tour in buenos aires

The Man Tour

LandingPadBA’s latest creation The Man Tour combines traditional straight razor shaves, cigars, history, classic Argentinean cocktails and other nostalgic themed visits. Yes, a shameless plug- but now you know what to do when your dad comes to visit.
rent a scooter in buenos aires

The Green Scooter

I am genuinely excited about trying these bad boy electric scooters out. Very reasonable prices for a full day rental- just be sure to chain that thing down when you are visiting La Boca.

photography tour in buenos aires

Foto Ruta

The talk of the town amongst travelers is Foto Ruta, providing a cool way to explore the city in photography scavenger hunt style. Jocelyn Mandryk, one of the founders adds great insight and photography tips as an internationally known fashion photographer.

Entertainment and information

karaoke bad ass

Entertaining and sarcastic expat journalist Adrian Bono has been summing up the news of Argentina in multimedia fashion. Yes, many of you are aware of the Argentina Independent’s Weekly News Summary, but did you know that Adrian is also summing the news weekly in video format? Oh yes, check out the Buenos Aires Herald’s “Trending Now“.

On a brief side note, any man willing to select Queen’s “Somebody to love” during a Korean karaoke party has balls the size of coconuts. Well done Adrian, well done.
soccer info for buenos aires

Want to know more about the football scene in Argentina? Hand of Pod is your answer. A relatively new podcast, it has already swept the nation, nay, the world as the number one podcast for Argentinean football in English. Discussions usually cover the week’s past and up and coming matches, players and will drift into the relegation system, players of the past, etc.  The hosts can also be found summarizing the football scene for international publications so it is safe to say that these guys know what they are talking about.
english comedy in buenos aires


The one and only English standup comedy in Argentina comprised of a few regulars; Ana Carolina (ex-stand up from New York), Francesca Fiorentini (MC) and Daniel Tunnard (best known for his “Colectivaizeishon” book about taking every single city bus in Buenos Aires). Catch them plus other entertaining guests every Tuesday night at Cafe Rivas in San Telmo, Estados Unidos 302 near Estados Unidos and Balcarce. For advance reservations, to double check the location and for more info check their Facebook page.
If you know of any other businesses that are new in town please drop your knowledge in the comments below.

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