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For general information on the Buenos Aires neighborhood Palermo

Measured on a scale of 1-10 (1 = low, 10 = high)

Safety Factor, Day: 8.5 Tourism: 8.5
Safety Factor, Night: 7.5 Traffic: 7
Average Price: 8 Nightlife: 8

Transportation: Buses: 152 (to and from both La Boca and Belgrano), 12 (From Barracas), 59 and 60 (to and from Recoleta) and many more
Subway: D-line: Agüero (Alto Palermo area, Barrio Norte), Bulnes (Alto Palermo), Scalabrini Ortiz (Alto Palermo area, Palermo Viejo), Plaza Italia (Alto Palermo area, Palermo Viejo)

La Onda (The Vibe): The center of this Buenos Aires area is the Alto Palermo Shopping center and the lay of the land matches the upscale shops. A handful of high rises and expensive apartment towers cast their shadows over this district. A bit more of a hustle and bustle vibe here, but it’s still Palermo. This region is often sought after for its location between Centro and Belgrano, while still maintaining its integrity of a nice, quaint neighborhood.

-Alto Palermo shopping mall
-Lagos de Palermo, bosques de Palermo (lakes and forest district of Palermo)
-Plaza Italia includes the Palermo Zoo, La Rural exhibition center

Attractions: Alto Palermo Shopping center is the primary monument of this neighborhood. All of the big brand name clothing stores in Argentina are found here, along with many of the other typical goods found in a shopping mall. Attached to the back end of the mall is a T.G.I.Friday’s, Benihannas and Starbucks if you are itching to have some elaborate American cocktails or some USA mainstream coffee and cuisine.

Further down the street from the T.G.I.Friday’s front door on Beruti is Paseo del Sol, which looks like a strip mall of bars. This plaza is a prime location for relaxed beer drinking and people watching from outdoor restaurant seating.

In the same area, just down the street on the corner of Bulnes and Beruti, you’ll find the Bulnes movie theatre, Cinemark Palermo. The selection of films is slightly more limited than other larger theaters, but the lines and audience sizes are also much smaller.

Not more than a block away is the Parque General Las Heras. During the day this is a mate and sunbathers’ paradise. There is plenty of space, trees, and open fields. If you have little ones, you can even rent a battery powered buggy for kids 8 and under. Careful around this little cobblestone area, the kids drive like their parents!

The Zoo, Japanese Gardens and Botanical Gardens are all on the far west side of this area, near Plaza Italia. Some would consider these to be in other subsections of Palermo, but then again, who is making up these borders? (We think the real estate companies!) All of these sites are well worth a visit on a sunny afternoon. Admission is free to the Botanical Gardens; prices are listed clearly for the Japanese Gardens and the Zoo.

If you trek further north, behind the zoo you will find the Palermo Lagos or Palermo Parks. This area is very large and hosts many different sections that stretch all the way up to Belgrano and down to Recoleta. Be sure to check out the Rose Garden (El Rosedal), which is home to a wide variety of award-winning roses from around the world. Paddle and rowboats are available in many of the lake areas for a reasonable price.

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Map of Alto Palermo:

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