What to do in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires Itinerary, 1 week


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Below are some recommendations of things you should see and do while traveling in Buenos Aires. Some of the basic sights, things you should do because when is the next time you’re going to be in Buenos Aires?! We hope you enjoy!

Time in Buenos Aires: 1 week or less

Sites you must see Barrio Comments
Recoleta Cemetery Recoleta Open until 6 p.m., free admission. Also on the weekends from 11 am until 7 pm the plaza that adjoins the cemetery converts into the Recoleta open air market. Full of artisan goods and keep sakes.
Obelisco and surrounding area (Florida Street) Centro Lots of shops, good deals on leather, local Argentinean products, soccer jerseys. Avoid 5-6 p.m. traffic
Parque Tres de Febrero and the Palermo Lagos Palermo This place is wonderful for a breath of fresh air, be sure to see the Rosedal or “International Rose Garden” (Avenida Sarmiento y Libertador)
Antique Fair “La Feria de San Telmo” San Telmo Every *Sunday* this neighborhood closes off a 10 block rectangle shaped area that is chalked full of antiques, tango dancers, street performers and more.
(Start at Brazil y Defensa)
Street side coffee Palermo Walk around Palermo Viejo and take a break to people watch and enjoy a nice espresso or café con leche under an umbrella.
Polo Lessons 45 minutes outside of Buenos Aires Try something new, something that you likely can’t do anywhere else in the world! And if horses aren’t your thing check out some of the other tours and activities we offer!
El Caminito La Boca A small 3 block area caters to curious tourists. Bright colors decorate the housing, artisans line the streets and some tango street performers can be found here daily. Watch your wallets on the edge of the touristy area though.

Buenos Aires Night Life:

Sites you must see Barrio Comments
Steak dinner with red wine Puerto Madero You can find a nice steak dinner anywhere in the city, but the best steak houses are based upon opinion. Be sure to try a couple of Malbecs while you’re here.
Club or Super Club Palermo, Belgrano There are many clubs through out the city, but a few super clubs that line the river in between Belgrano and Palermo that are worth the wait in “Costanera Norte”.
Bar Hop Centro There is a cluster of bars in Centro that are Irish themed. This area tends to attract both foreigners and Argentines that like foreigners. Start around Reconquista and Marcelo T. Alevear. For a good list of places to go to check out our Buenos Aires Night Life Guide
Live music Anywhere Check our calendar for jazz, tango, electronica and much more. Or check out Vuenos Aires, a site devoted to the music scene here in Buenos Aires
Plaza Serrano Palermo Viejo A roundabout full of bars and fun. (Honduras and Serrano)
Tango Show San Telmo, Centro Tango is the coveted dance of Buenos Aires encompassing the passion. the history, everything that is Buenos Aires. Go to a milonga if you want to see regular Janes and Joes dancing or go to a professional tango show if you want to see the best show off the old and new schools of tango.
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