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where to eat in san telmo, buenos aires

Check out these delightful dives in San Telmo. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, a stroll through the cobblestone streets will surely bring you to a wonderul spot for brunch, lunch or dinner. San Telmo is a food aficionado’s paradise, enjoy!

El Desnivel

Delcious Parilla (grill) in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Location: Defensa 855, San Telmo
Phone: 11-4300-9081

Type of food: Parrilla (Argentine BBQ)
Avg. Price: $$
($ = budget, $$$ = expensive) Recommendation: Desnivel is one of my personal favorites. Everything on the menu is great, and the charming, time-worn interior is friendly and warm. Although this hidden San Telmo gem has become a magnet for tourists, the quality of the food and atmosphere at this great parrilla has kept the locals coming back for more. Don’t miss this one!

Dobar Tek

Good ethnic food in San Telmo, Buenos AIres

Location: Av San Juan 548, San Telmo
Phone: 15-5504-1442

Type of food: Croatian
Avg. Price: $$
($ = budget, $$$ = expensive)

LPBA Recommendation: The casual, family-style Croatian plates exceed expectation and come at a reasonable price. Perhaps the most unique part of the experience is the video displaying footage of Croatia, as well as a step-by-step demonstration of the strudel making. The paper thin dough is stretched out on a full size kitchen table and rolled with a professional ease that makes you want to try it at home. I recommend this restaurant for anyone looking for a break from the norm.

Sr. Telmo

Delicious Pizza Restaurant in San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Location: Defensa 756, San Telmo
Phone: 11-4300-3883

Type of food: Pizza
Avg. Price: $
($ = budget, $$$ = expensive)

LPBA Recommendation: Sr. Telmo, like most of the rest of the eateries in the area, is a delightful find six days out of the week, but is best left alone on Sundays when it fills to the brim with eager fair-goers. The original pizzas and lomito sandwiches are highly recommended.

Circus Resto and Bar

Good homestyle food in San Telmo, Buenos Aires
Type food: International mix
Location: Chacabuco 1020
Avg. Price: $$
($ = budget, $$$ = expensive)

Recommendation: Circus Resto and Bar, chefs Walter Binger and Danny Clark whip up their favorite flavors from the melting pot of New York City to bring you a diverse menu of international comfort food.

From burritos and quesadillas to burgers and falafel sandwiches, there’s always a delicious treat to give you a taste of home. Be sure to sample the desserts, too, from Analia Finocchio, the staff’s professional pastry chef. For the adventurous traveler interested in local fare, try the classic milanesa napolitana, or stick around for one of Circus’s traditional asados. The restaurant boasts a full bar, including a selection of ten artisanal Argentine beers. And if you’re still homesick and craving something special, or aren’t quite satisfied, share your feedback! The boys love to get creative and experiment with homegrown recipes from all over the world. They also cater events and rent out the space for private parties.


La Brigada

where to eat in buenos aires

Photo by Foodographies

Type food: Parrilla, steakhouse
Location: Estados Unidos 465 in San Telmo
Avg. Price: $$
($ = budget, $$$ = expensive)

Recommendation: Widely known as one of the best steakhouses in Buenos Aires, La Brigada is one of those restaurants you should add to your must try’s in Buenos Aires list. Filet mignon, NY strips, anchuras (weird cuts like small intestine, blood sausage, etc) and a whole load of unique side dishes.


El Federal

where to eat in san telmo, buenos aires

Type of food: Snacks/cafe food
Location: Carlos Calvo 599
Avg. Price: $$
($ = budget, $$$ = expensive)

Recommendation: The definition of old school cafe/bar and one of the few bars that serve their own brew. The location has managed to preserve a lot of the original bar, bottles, cash register and more. Give their blonde brew a taste or sip a coffee on the side street. The picadas are one of the main draws.

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