Buenos Aires Good Story

Robbery El Thwarted!


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Winner: Me, Mike D

Kudos to: LandingPadBA

Approximate Location: Plaza de Mayo

The Skinny: I already left a comment on the article, but once again thanks to you guys I did not get robbed today! As predicted in the Buenos Aires Scams article you guys wrote this is what went down:

I was walking around the Casa Rosada today in Plaza de Mayo, first day in Buenos Aires. I had my camera out taking pictures when something splattered on the back of my leg. A yellow liquid had miraculously found its way to my lower backside?? Almost instantly two middle aged ladies approached and “helped” point out that what I presume they were saying in Spanish that a bird had shat on me or something. They both moved in for the steal quite quickly. I was impressed with their napkins and bottle of water positioning- it was angled toward my face and it was obvious they were trying to draw my attention toward what only one of them were doing.

I walked, avoided robbery. I appreciate the heads up!

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