things to do in buenos aires

The LandingPadBA City Tour

Tour the city with one of our writers! Our city tours are not the usual type of city tour…

things to do in buenos aires

Tour the city with one of our guides! See the city center, learn about it’s past including juicy historical gossip, the secrets behind the city’s most beautiful architecture, the “whys” of urban development and what the heck is going on now politically! If you want, ask the guide to teach you how to navigate the crazy public bus system, take the subway or simply get help mapping out your preferred shopping locations and nightlife hot spots. After your city tour, you’ll be ready to explore the city independently armed with the tools to get to the best stuff faster.


LPBA City Tour - US$85

Available Days

Almost all days, pending availability

Package Includes

  • A private city tour for you and your group (up to 4 people for $85 USD total)
  • A bilingual guide that is very knowledgeable about the city
  • 2.5 hours of a private city tour for you


FAQ: How large is an average group?

All city tours are private for you and anybody else you would like to join you.

FAQ: Where do we go to start?

The guide will arrange to meet you wherever you would like to meet in the city at the time that is most convenient for you!

FAQ: How will we get around?

Bus, taxi, subway? It will be up to you! Many of our readers like to learn how to use the subway and buses, but getting around in taxi is a lot faster...


Bring some extra cash for taxis, buses or the subway

Additional hours can be added on for $35 USD per hour

Be sure to ask the guide about anything you would like to learn about


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