buenos aires tango show

Complejo Tango Lesson, Dinner & Show

Learn the basic steps of tango, have a nice dinner and enjoy a tango show all in one place!

buenos aires tango show

For those looking to show off their own tango moves, or simply to learn from the experts, Complejo offers tango lessons in addition to the dinner and show packages found elsewhere. What could be better than actually taking part in some tango yourself? If that’s not your thing, feel free to just sit back and enjoy the spectacular show with dinner and plenty of drinks. As the house orchestra plays those unmistakably alluring melodies, a series of dance numbers artfully narrate the history of Argentina’s most famous musical tradition.

Located in the traditional neighborhood of Balvanera, this grand old venue, built in 1895, is a stylish blend of oak interiors and sweeping balconies. If you’re looking for the full story of tango’s influence, Complejo is not to be missed. Take part in the lesson and you yourself might even become a little part of tango history!


Tango dinner, lesson and show - US$120

Available Days

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 7:30 pm

Package Includes

  • 1.5 hour tango show
  • 3 course dinner with wine and beverages included
  • Tango lesson before dinner
  • Transportation is included for all downtown hotels in Retiro, Centro, San Telmo and Congreso


FAQ: If I don’t take the tango lesson, is cheaper?

No, the tango lesson is optional, but included in the price for those that attend or those that do not to attend.

FAQ: What is the level of difficulty of the tango lesson?

Easy, it is designed for beginners.


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Tango dinner, lesson and show US$120



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