soccer games in buenos aires

Soccer: San Lorenzo home game tickets and tours

Tickets and schedule for San Lorenzo. Stress free and easy reservations. Los “Cuervos” aka “El Ciclon” are known to have the most creative chants and songs in Argentina. See one of the biggest football clubs in action at their stadium “El Nuevo Gasómetro”.

soccer games in buenos aires

San Lorenzo, the 2013 champions of Argentina, 2014 Copa Libertadores (South American Champions) and one of the big 5 teams in Argentina also have some of the most famous fans in the world. Both the head of the Catholic church, Pope Francis and the King of Men “Aragorn” (Viggo Mortensen) have made it clear that they are Cuervos (“Crows”). Seating 45,000 people in their stadium dubbed the Nuevo Gasómetro or New Gas Meter (an old nickname given to their past stadium due to its proximity to natural gas tanks) El Ciclón is one of the most intimidating fields to play on as a visiting team.

2018 San Lorenzo tickets and games schedule


February 4, 2018: San Lorenzo vs Boca Juniors* @7:15 pm (ranks #2 vs #1, +$20)
February 17, 2018: San Lorenzo vs Newells Old Boys @5:00 pm
March 3, 2018: San Lorenzo vs Union @5:00 pm
March 11, 2018: Huracan vs San Lorenzo* @5:00 pm (AWAY, email for ticket options)
March 17, 2018: San Lorenzo vs Olimpo @5:45 pm
March 24/25, 2018: FIFA week, No futbol

Please Email Us to be added to the August to December 2018 futbol announcement list to be notified when the schedule, seating and pricing have been confirmed. We will be making announcements and keeping everyone up to date come late July when the schedule is official.

* = “un clasico” or a derby match, a classic rivalry game

In the event of a cancellation we will apply the stadium, AFA or FIFA’s refund or rain check policy as our own. In the event of a suspension, rain checks will be given and we will do our best to accommodate the guests’ needs. If the newly scheduled football game cannot be attended by a guest we will do our best to resell the space/ticket for a partial or full refund.

San Lorenzo Stadium Map


Deck sideline - US$140

Available Days

Please note that the schedule does change and game dates may shift. We will keep you informed and refund anyone that cannot attend a new date or time.

Package Includes

  • Ticket to the sideline deck seating
  • Bilingual Guide who organizes everything and leads the group
  • Transportation to and from the stadium
  • Pregame food and drink


FAQ: Are there any safety tips, etiquette, things I should and shouldn't bring?

We recommend to wear simple clothing, bring only the basics and to NOT wear a jersey of any other futbol team from Argentina. Cameras are welcome!

FAQ: Is it safe?

Yes, our guides keep everyone together and ensure a smooth, fun experience.

FAQ: When is kick off?

The AFA (Argentinian Futbol Association) do not confirm kick off times until the week of the scheduled matches. We will announce kick off, pick up times and details the week of the game. If you have a schedule conflict just let us know, refunds in full are available for those that cannot attend.


-Dress simply, bring a camera and some extra cash

-San Lorenzo's colors are red and purple. Do NOT wear any other team's jersey from Argentina for the love of all that is holy!

-Leave your credit cards, passports and anything of value at your hotel


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