Where to get weed in Buenos Aires


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where to scroe pot in buenos aires


When it comes to pot in Buenos Aires I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news first: Buenos Aires is not known for having good grass. The good news is that weed here is pretty common and not a priority for the police. In all my time here I have never heard of anyone getting full on arrested for marijuana. The worst case scenario to date was a friend getting caught smoking in the street and having to pay off a cop (yes, that is common here also).

So, you’re here for a week or perhaps longer and you’re looking to score some weed in Buenos Aires? Here some tips on where to turn up a source.

First, a bit of vocabulary for you:

Flores: Literally translating to “flowers”, this will be intact buds and decent weed.

Paraguayo: Literally translating to “Paraguayan”, this is compacted brick weed which tends to be from Paraguay. Most often associated with being of poor quality.

Porro: The most common slang word for marijuana. It can also mean a joint.

Fasso: Another common term for grass.

Hostel front desk or bartenders are a great starting point if you are a backpacker. Obviously this is assuming you have asked your fellow bunkmates already. Ask politely and approach with caution as all receptionists and bartenders may not like to party.

La Bomba del Tiempo is a popular Monday night professional percussion show held at the Konex center in Almagro. Where there are drum circles there are hippies. And where there are hippies there is sweet ganja. Expect to be offered space cakes, special brownies, etc while waiting in line or whilst swaying around to the jams.

Cabbies: If you find yourself listening to electronica basking in the glow of black lights and the cool cab driver is shifting gears to the bass lines then you may be in luck. There are many cab drivers who add onto their monthly salary by making drops throughout the city. Expect to pay a premium though for the delivery service and possibly a gringo tax on top of that.

Follow your nose The parks of Palermo and large plazas during the day or side streets near popular bars and hot night life areas in the evening will almost always have some public smokers. Obviously approach with caution and use your better judgment.

Couchsurfers 420, Buenos Aires group is more of a growers or private meet-up group, but it may be a great way to meet some cool people and find a source. It might be wise to have an existing account and reputation before charging into the forum and announcing you would “like to purchase some marijuana”, you narc!

Craigslist in Buenos Aires is a different beast. Still an underground tool for English speakers in Argentina you will occasionally see a “green cross” or “420” post in the community, for sale or services section. This is not an everyday occurrence and pot seekers beware, but the likelihood that this is an elaborate sting operation is slim to none.

where to get weed in buenos aires

Certain nameless bars and clubs in Buenos Aires tend to attract a particular type of crowd and with this crowd come drugs of choice. Seeing how we cannot predict who will be reading this article and how foolish they may be in their pursuits of said vices/liability/getting cool locations busted, I will refrain from naming any specific locations. However, know that with further research come fruits of your reading labor.



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  1. marcus

    20/05/2014 - 3:45 am

    hey guys, i ran into this dude who hooked me up with a connect here in buenos aires and it all went smoothly, he even weighed it out in front of me so i can feel sure that he wasnt ripping me off. it was high quality stuff and im more than content here. i think his email is mac11heaven@hotmail.com. check it out