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The Best Ferias and Outdoor Markets to Visit in Buenos Aires

Jed Rothenberg

By | May 18, 2011 | 2 comments

What you can find at the best outdoor markets and street fairs (ferias) in Buenos Aires. Mataderos, San Telmo, Recoleta and more.

Whether in a plaza, park, or even on a random sidewalk, Buenos Aires plays host to a number of wonderful outdoor markets or ferias. Flea markets and artisan stands draw everything from silver lined boleadoras, traditional gaucho wear and yerba mate dispensers, to antique fountain pens, gramophones and leather goods.

It’s time to check out the best markets in Buenos Aires and begin to dig around some of our favorite mercados and ferias. Here’s a top 7 list of the best of the best:


1. Recoleta market

aka Feria de Artesanos de Plaza Francia


Location: Plaza Francia, near the Recoleta cemetery
When: Saturday and Sunday, 12 pm to 6 pm + Holidays
Total number of stands and set ups: 150-200
Generally offered: High quality artisan goods ranging from silver, yerba mate gourds, leather, pottery, jewelry, both traditional and modern. Music, food vendors, dirty weed smoking hippies, acrobats and street performers (don’t be frightened of the clowns) can often be found wandering around or setting up shop within close proximity.
Why it rocks: This is the best outdoor market to find genuine, high quality hand-made goods. Fair prices are offered- many of the same goods are found in high-end stores marked up 150%.


2. The San Telmo Market

aka Feria de San Telmo

Location: Defensa Street, Plaza Dorrego, San Telmo
When: Sunday, some activity on Saturday at Plaza Dorrego
Total number of stands and set ups: 250-300
Generally offered: Heavy focus on antiques at the San Telmo market especially in Plaza Dorrego and the stores lining Defensa. Street performers, tango dancers and hundreds of rogue sidewalk vendors. Street food sold like empanadas and cheese stuffed breads, plus hand-made goods and art section of the fair are regularly in attendance. Our top picks to buy: Sifón de soda (old school soda water dispenser), Pinguino pitcher for wine, anything gaucho related.
Why it rocks:  San Telmo has the most classic, old school vibe in Buenos Aires. Cobblestone streets, old lanterns, hundred-year-old buildings match what is generally offered and what many people expect to see in Buenos Aires. Don’t miss the “Mercado San Telmo” located at Defensa 961- it’s a large more permanent flea market, open all week 10 am to 7 pm.


3. Feria Palermo Viejo

 ferias in recoleta   

Location: Plaza Armenia, Malabia and Costa Rica in Palermo Soho
Total number of stands and set ups: 35-50
When: Saturday and Sunday + Holidays, 2pm to 7 pm
Generally offered: A mixture of hand-made goods, clothing and random stands (ex: Bonsai trees).
Why it rocks: If you are in Palermo Soho (Palermo Viejo) this is a nice stop for general outdoor market exploring and keepsakes. I have personally picked up a few wedding and birthday presents here. Be sure to follow either Malabia or Armenia towards Cordoba (ask someone if you do not have a map) to lead you to the heart of Palermo Soho. Frozen yogurt shops, specialty teahouses, high end clothing, boutique designers and much more!


4. Feria de Plaza Serrano

aka Feria Cortázar

Photo by Chic Blog

Photo by Chic Blog

Location: Plaza Serrano, corner of Serrano or Borges and Honduras in Palermo Soho
Total number of stands and set ups: 35-50
When: Saturday, Sunday + Holidays 12 pm to 7 pm
Generally offered: The round-about is lined with bars and restaurants that temporarily convert into designer clothing shops and boutiques. This is a great place to find unique one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories from local designers, plus you get more of a hippie vibe in the inner-plaza. Sticking with its roots Plaza Serrano offers a lot of alternative jewelry, “tobacco” pipes along with hand-made goods.
Why it rocks: Plaza Serrano is a major hub for both day and nightlife. It’s a great spot for people watching, and also a prime spot to walk around, shop at Palermo Soho stores or eat at some of the best restaurants and cafés in Buenos Aires. Plaza Serrano fair is just a few blocks away from the Palermo Viejo fair, so make sure to add both to your Buenos Aires must see to do list.


5. Feria Artesanal de Parque Centenario

mataderos street fair

Location: Patricias Argentinas y Machado, Parque Centenario in Caballito
Total number of stands and set ups: 300+
When: Saturday, Sunday + Holidays 12 pm to 7 pm
Generally offered: A very wide variety of Argentine goodies can be found here. The park is circular and the sidewalk that surrounds it is lined with stands of all kinds of great finds: using clothing, flea market section, perfumes, incense, old and new tools, and many more. Basic foods are also serves, like hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, cotton candy and choripán.
Why it rocks: This is probably one of the fairs that doesn’t see many tourists – a truly off the beaten track market. This outdoor market serves the more frugal needs of the Buenos Aires’ residents so it may take some digging, but some real gems can be found in the flea market section. Perfect for a fun day of exploration if you have more than a couple of weeks here and want to venture off the tourist track.
Bonus: The park is quite pleasant to walk through and relax with a book.


6. Feria Artesanal Paseo El Retiro

puerto madero outdoor market

Location: Av. Calabria y Rosario Vera Peñaloza, in Puerto Madero
Total number of stands and set ups: 150
When: Saturday, Sunday + Holidays, 12 pm to 7 pm
Generally offered: Flea market, used goods and some artisan goods. In additional to the market side, there are musical performances, carnival games, and even an inflatable castle and slides.
Why it rocks: If you put together a county fair, flea market, and random musical acts, all in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires on one side and the ecological reserve on the other, you’d get Paseo el Retiro. Occasionally musical acts play near the Calabria and Penazola intersection.
Bonus: Check out the beautiful parks and the grassy marsh along what resembles a boardwalk. There are also great mobile barbecue stands to try the famous meat of Buenos Aires.


7. Feria de Mataderos

Yerba mate hooves, anyone?

Location: Av. Lisandro de la Torre y Av. de los Corrales, in Mataderos
Total number of stands and set ups: 150 – 200
When: Sundays, 11 am to 8 pm + Holidays (Different schedule during summer, closed most of January)
Generally offered: Used goods, artisan goods, regional cuisine, carnival, gaucho (Argentine cowboy) competition with horses, folklore dancing, traditional live music and festive feel
Why it rocks: Very off the beaten path, an authentic fair made by locals for locals
Pro: Great place to find keep sakes, regional cuisine, see the gauchos compete on horseback and to get you out of the typical traveler circuit of PalermoSan Telmo and Recoleta!
Con: Far from Palermo and San Telmo, the neighborhood isn’t the most safe at night.

Updated June 2016


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  1. Facu

    26/05/2011 - 7:28 pm

    I have a good one to add:

    Feria de Belgrano, near the Juramento subte stop at the intersection of Juramento and Vuelta. Saturdays and Sundays they have some good quality stuff, similiar to Recoleta- about 35 stands.

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    22/06/2011 - 2:56 pm

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    And thank you for mentioning and referring to!!
    Also, you may want to check this page: it has hundreds of artisans and design fairs in different cities and neighborhoods.