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Palermo Neighborhood Guide


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Population: 275,256
Size (Sq Km): 15.9
Class: Middle – upper middle

Sub-neighborhoods/zones: The enormous Palermo neighborhood is divided into many different subsections and nicknamed areas. The largest and most generally accepted subdivisions are:

Palermo Hollywood
Palermo Soho
Palermo Chico
Las Cañitas

Please refer to the individual guides regarding these sub-neighborhoods for more information on each.

Highlights and Attractions
-Palermo in general is home to the hot spots in Buenos Aires. Restaurants, bars, clubs, shopping- a good portion of it is in the subsections of Buenos Aires.
-Plaza Serrano located in Palermo Soho
-Plaza Armenia located in Palermo Soho
-Lagos de Palermo located in Palermo Chico
-The nightlife in Palermo Hollywood
-Baez street in Las Canitas

History: The Franciscan influence in Buenos Aires during the 16th and 17th centuries was strong. The origin of the name Palermo is still debated, but most settle on the idea that this barrio was named after the abbey Saint Benedict of Palermo, also known as Saint Benedict the Moor, a building which still exists today. The abbey was named after the abbot who hailed from Palermo (the capital of Sicily).

Following the fall of Juan Manuel de Rosas in 1851, Palermo began to flourish. Rosas, who had led Argentina for many years, had purchased a large plot of land that was most of modern day Palermo. This land was confiscated and later transformed into the Palermo Zoo, Plaza Italia, Palermo Race Track (Hipódromo) and Parque Tres de Febrero during President Sarimiento’s terms in office 1868-1874.

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Map of Palermo:

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