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Taking in Tango: Recommendations for the Best Tango Shows

Rino Zaccuri

By | November 6, 2015 | Leave a comment

best tango show

What is the best tango show to see in Buenos Aires? Discount coupon codes, recommendations and descriptions to help you choose wisely.

When visiting the tango dance capital of the world, Buenos Aires offers countless options for taking in tango. You might come across street performers to get a sample of tango’s fluid moves, but that just whets the appetite for more. There are stage shows, combo dinner-shows, lessons or you might see a quick number as part of what a random restaurant serves up. Whatever your age, budget and interest, there’s some form of tango that will delight and, quite likely, move you. To net out the best of the best, here’s a distillation of the top-rated professional tango shows, venues and options to help you choose.

Best tango show in buenos aires


Traditional Tango Show in San Telmo

El Viejo Almacén in San Telmo is the neighborhood’s best-known tango venue. Featuring traditional tango in a historical building, it has been a part of the Buenos Aires tango circuit for half a century, El Viejo Almacén offers guests a warm welcome and an intimate setting with mood lighting that make it perfect for those seeking a more personal, classic tango experience without all the glitz and glam.
Dinner: Optional, 9:00 pm
Show: 10:00 pm
Promo Discount Code*: 15% off “San Telmo”
Reservations at Viejo Almacen


Rojo Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina


Upscale Sophistication, Fine Dining & Tango Glamor

For those who like luxury, experiencing tango with fine dining in a five-star hotel is the way to go. In the upscale waterfront Buenos Aires district of Puerto Madero, a show at Rojo Tango in the Faena Hotel will delight the most discerning world travelers. With limited seating, this dinner and show is staged in ballroom opulence and is both intimate and elegant. You’ll savor sumptuous fare and fine wines while watching a tango show featuring more than 20 musical numbers.
Dinner: Optional, 9:00 pm
Show: 10:00 pm
Promo Discount Code*: No offers at this time
Reservations for Rojo Tango


tango shows in buenos aires


A Touch of Class; Contemporaries Perform Old School Tango

One of the classiest tango venues in town is the remodeled Cafe de los Angelitos, where enthusiastic audiences from all over Buenos Aires once came to hear the seductive voice of Argentinean tango icon Carlos Gardel. The café is great for lunch or coffee by day, but at night the venue exudes tango. The elegant ballroom stages one of Buenos Aires’ most impressive tango shows with attractive, well-trained dancers. The show features a series of dance numbers that blend classic and contemporary tango based on different stage settings. The variety of this show makes it a top option.
Dinner: Optional, 9:00 pm
Show: 10:00 pm
Promo Discount Code*: 15% off “Congreso”,
Cafe de los Angelitos reservations


Esquina Carlos Gardel tango show


Top Notch Dancers, Dinner & Consistently Stellar Service

This could be considered the best value for a dinner and tango show in Buenos Aires. Esquina Carlos Gardel incorporates quality food and talented acts with all the service, glitz and glamor you expect in a grand venue. A night out here captures the sophistication of the wealthy 1920s Buenos Aires. With sweeping velvet curtains and grand balconies, this venue features stage shows on colorful sets. Charming characters blend traditional tango with modern dance moves. A delicious dinner with dancing in opulence at Esquina Carlos Gardel represents tango refinement at it’s best.
Dinner: Optional, 9:00 pm
Show: 10:00 pm
Promo Discount Code*: No offers at this time
Esquina Carlos Gardel shows


buenos aires tango show


The Works: Complejo Tango Lesson, Dinner & Show

This option gives you a chance to try some tango moves and learn from expert dancers in the traditional Balvanera neighborhood of Buenos Aires. No need to have a partner as Complejo Tango offers a group tango lesson just before the dinner and a show in a stylish, historic venue. If learning the moves isn’t your thing, you can just sit back and enjoy the show with dinner and drinks. Either way, alluring melodies choreographed to a series of artful dance numbers with narration of the history of Argentina’s most famous musical tradition will entrance and entertain you.
Lesson: Optional, 7:30 pm
Dinner: Optional, 8:30 pm
Show: 10:00 pm
Promo Discount Code*: No offers at this time
Complejo Tango options


Get Your Groove On: With a Personal Tango Teacher

To fully get why tango is more than a dance, you have to experience the moves. For anyone looking to learn, whether you go solo or with your own partner, and to feel the passion of tango, private lessons by Alejandro are offered in a studio or at a traditional milonga, a typically spartan dance hall where locals regularly meet to practice while socializing. Instruction includes basic steps, proper posture and our seasoned dancer’s mission in teaching Tango is to help you learn to lead from the heart. Classes are available in English, Spanish, or Japanese.
Reservations with Alejandro

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