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Top 5 Bars in Recoleta, Buenos Aires

Kate Elgee

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cool bar in recoleta, buenos aires

For a more complete and recent list of bars, restaurants and cafes in Recoleta.

Recoleta may be somewhat tame compared to its Palermo neighbor, but it houses some of the city’s classiest and finest bars. Here is our top five bars in Recoleta.

Pony Line Bar
Posadas 1086 – Four Seasons Hotel
Hours: Mon-Sun 11am – close
Contact 4321-1730

Pony Line breaks the drab hotel bar stereotype and brings first rate drinks to a cool equestrian themed spaced. You can bet that any drink you order will be good, especially the mate inspired tereré (iced yerba mate tea) and other seasonal creations. Don’t go without ordering a burger and the truffle French fries topped with a fried egg. For more on the more traditional drinks you should try in Argentina.

Gran Bar Danzón
Libertad 1161
Hours: Mon-Fri 7pm-close, Sat-Sun 8pm-close
Contact: 4811 1108/

Martini-sippers and sushi-lovers alike gather here every weekend to bare their shoulders and look sharp in the bar made for the business underworld of Buenos Aires. With a superb collection of Argentine wine (over 300 bottles to choose from) and a melt-in-your-mouth menu of entradas, like the oysters with fresh lemon and vegetable ceviche, you can prop yourself on the dark square couches, rubbing up against pencil skirts and power ties, faces glowing in front of blue Blackberry screens, and feel somehow very important. Specialty cocktails like the Red Hot Caipi (Smirnoff vodka, Cinzano, maracuya, red fruit, classic Tabasco, lime, and sugar) are sure to keep this place a classic for many years to come.

cool bar in recoleta, buenos aires


Paraná 1048
Hours: Mon-Wed 10am-2am, Thurs 10am-3am, Fri 10am-4am, Sun 8pm-2am
Contact: 4815 9925/

This elegant renovated French mansion has an equally elegant clientele – slick suits, very high heels, and silk dresses abound. The upstairs has a brown and white marbled bar, original Marco Lopez paintings, and an open balcony overlooking the garden. On busy nights, when both the barstools and restaurant seats are packed full, the spillover of guests will recline on the descending stone staircase, posing like Roman statues and puffing cigarettes at one another. Probably one of the most beautiful bars in the city.

cool bar in recoleta

Casa Bar
Rodríguez Pena 1150
Hours: Mon – Fri 7pm-close, Sat/Sun 8pm – close
Contact: 4816 2712

American-owned and French-infused, this “house bar” is exactly that – an early 1900s house rehabilitated into a modern, yet timeless, lounge and bar. You can sense the American nostalgia, with rock n roll music, an annual Superbowl party, and a menu including nachos and the ever famous extra. spicy hot wings. The plasma screens are always glowing with big sporting events, everything from March Madness to River vs. Boca. Don’t leave without trying the wings. Or buying a tee-shirt.

cool bar in recoleta


Presidente Roberto M. Ortiz 1827
Hours: every day from noon-late
Contact: 4808-9061/

As beer-drinkers in Buenos Aires are well-aware, finding microbrews in this city is like finding a needle in a 14-million large haystack. But thankfully Buller’s artisan brew pub has made it a little easier for the beer-fiends of Recoleta. Their six different local varieties, from Honey Beer to Dry Stout, are all 100% natural and 100% tasty, whether you like a little hop, a little smoke, or a little sweet. With bright wooden surfaces and flights for sampling, it is sure to scratch any Irish-style itch you have for sloshing mugs together with friends.

Updated April 2014

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